Sunday, December 10, 2006 Relaunched

Hello All,

If you've ever lost a valuable domain then I know how you feel. A few months ago I forgot to re-register one of my names: By the time I got around to re-registering it, it had passed into the pending delete database.

Now the pending delete database is like purgutory for Domain names. They stay there for 3 months during which time you can´t reclaim them. You have to bite your nails for 3 months hoping that nobody else makes an offer for the domain.

If your lucky you can re-register your name when it is re-released. Of course you lose all you inbound links, your Google position etc. But hey it was worth it, I lost so many emails through my carelessness.

Anyway is back online now. I spent all weekend doing a small site. Take time to check it out, I´m offering all sorts of FREE downloads, eBooks reports etc.

Hey believe it or not it is raining hard here in Fuerteventura!!! I mean hard, it´s still warm though.